Courses at NXG Trust

We offer a number of different adult learning and family learning courses at Besson Street Community Gardens. All current courses can be booked on line at our Eventbrite webpageFurther information on the courses we offer is provided below.

Communications and Presentation Skills Course: This course is excellent for building confidence for interviews. There is an exam at the end of the course which results in a nationally recognised qualification accredited by the English Speaking Board. We offer this course at level 2. It runs for 5 weeks.

“I loved this course, it made me nervous speaking in public, but I gained so much confidence I felt I could go for an interview and just be myself. I’m not one to boast but with some hard work I got a distinction.” Tina E.

First Aid at Work: This is a four day course with a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification at the end of it. It is HSE approved and covers most areas of first aid. There is an exam on the final day.

“I’m unemployed right now and thought being a qualified first aider would help make more employable and  get my CV more up to date, just give me a better chance in an interview situation” Sacha I.

Food Health and Hygiene: This is a Level 2 course delivered in one day with a multiple choice test at the end of the day, certificates are awarded by Access 21 training and are sponsored by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

“Getting this certificate, along my first aid certificate, helped me get registered as a childminder, now I’m earning a good living, thanks for the opportunity.” Sofia J.

Participants celebrating the completion of our Food Health and Hygiene course

Study Skills: This is a 5-week course to help you brush up or develop your study skills so you can achieve your goals and potential. Develop your confidence in research, writing essays, taking useful notes from classes when you read them later they make sense and mean something. Help with time management and much more.

ESOL (English as a second or Other language): Thanks to some much needed funding from the City Bridge Trust, we are able to provide ESOL training three days per week. See here for further details.

Bee-Keeping: This course is designed for those interested in taking up bee-keeping, those interested in helping out with ‘community bees’ or would just like to know more about bees in the urban environment. the course runs for three consecutive evenings from 6pm-8pm.

“I  wanted to say a huge thanks for running this course – without it, my husband and I would still be dreaming of keeping bees instead of having bought our first hive and preparing for the bees to arrive next spring!  This is a massive first step for us on our journey to eventually having a smallholding, and the confidence boost is indescribable.  The fact we actually had hands on time at the hives was also invaluable, practising using the kit and dispelling any fears about being around the bees.   You picked a great instructor and by offering the course at such an affordable rate it meant we could both attend, instead of just my husband as we had originally thought would have to happen”. Alexandra.

Sew You Need to Get Out More:
Thanks to funding from Choose Health, we run a weekly sewing class for anyone looking to learn a new skill, have a chat, and meet other people. Classes run on Wednesday afternoons. There is no charge for this course.

Booking: If you are interested in booking in to any of our courses, please contact the office for further information.

Charges: All courses are offered at a highly subsidised rate. The course fee for each course is £50.00, although there is a reduced rate of £10.00 for those on various benefits and who are resident in New Cross Gate. This charge contributes towards the certification costs of the course. Documentary evidence will be required.

Other courses: We are looking to expand the range of courses on offer and will provide further details in due course. We welcome your feedback as to the types of courses you would like to see on offer. Updates on the courses on offer and dates will also be posted on Facebook (

Office telephone number: 0207 639 7605. Or email: