A basic human need

Officially there are over 2,000 families in Lewisham looking for a home. Housing campaigners say this figure is likely to be even greater. Whatever the actual figure, Lewisham is in the top 50 list of worst areas for homelessness in the country. It is estimated that one in every 49 people in the borough is classed as homeless.
According to Shelter, the national housing charity, there are over 6,200 people homeless in the borough. Shelter, having somewhere to live, is a basic human need along with food and water, yet so many people are living in miserable conditions in over-crowded, unfit and cramped accommodation, in temporary hostels and worse, some
people are living on the streets.
All these families and many more people across Lewisham, London and other parts of the UK need properly affordable housing that is in a good state of repair, with long term tenancies so people feel they have a permanent home they can properly afford and they have a future in.
The housing shortage in Lewisham and in wider London means that landlords can hike up rents. High rents mean people spend far more of their monthly income on rent than is good for them, leaving them in poor in other areas of their lives, such as food, fuel, clothing, entertainment and learning.
Lewisham like many councils around the country needs a massive injection of public money to build high quality public housing to be part of a mixed economy that allows everyone the opportunity to a decent, safe and affordable place to live.
If you want to find out more about different housing options and housing campaigns check out the websites below.

The Renters’ Union
Is your rent too high? You’re not alone. Londoners face the highest rents in Europe. Many of us live with the threat of eviction or in unsafe housing. The housing market is stacked in favour of landlords and investors who profit at our expense. Our rigged housing system is making our city more unequal.
Unless we make big changes, many of us will be stuck renting overpriced and poorly maintained housing for the rest of our life.
Imagine what could happen if we got organised. Together
we are powerful: we can support each other, stand up to landlords and win lower rents, longer tenancies and better housing for everyone.
To do that, we need you. The London Renters Union is already successfully organising with renters in Newham & Leytonstone, Hackney and Lewisham. Now we need your help to become a city-wide union that can tackle the housing crisis.