Aim for a couple of treasured memories

It’s tough and it might well get tougher. Being cooped up with children of any age can be difficult enough. Young children seem to have endless energy and insatiable drives.

It seems being organised and having routines are fundamental to surviving this challenge, alongside, cutting ourselves some slack and getting and staying as chilled as we can under the circumstances. Like accepting the
things we can’t control and making the most of what we can.

Being at home with children and young people with Austistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder can be very challenging at the best of times. Right now it’s that little bit harder for all
Teenagers generally think they’re invincible, they naturally need to break the rules, challenge authority and question the ‘sanity’ of the world. Teeenagers with ADHD and ASD are finding the current situation very
hard but don’t assume they can’t be engaged in things they might normally avoid or refuse to do.
I know a teenage boy with ADHD and Conduct Disorder who has baked cakes, played board games and completed several art projects, in others words, he’s done stuff he’s rarely, rarely done before. It’s no miracle and
it’s not continuous but maybe now is the time to seize an opportunity or two, maybe a couple of treasured memories can be created out of this crazy and anxious ridden time. Here are some useful web links and resources which may be able to offer some ideas.