Welfare advice during Covid-19

170 Community Project – For welfare advice of all kinds call 020 7732 9716
‘Drop-in” service continues by phone every Monday.
Call them and they call you back.
Advice Line Lewisham– For benefits advice and support and much more
contact Advice Line Lewisham on other days call 0808 801 0366 or 07845 683 313
Emergency Funding: https://stepchange.org/debtinfo/emergency-funding.aspx
Lewisham Carers
Provide information, advice and support for unpaid carers in Lewisham. You can refer somebody you know might be struggling with the increased burden of being a carer in the time of Coronavirus by putting them in touch
with one of the four volunteers detailed below.
For Evelyn, New Cross, Telegraph Hill and Brockley contact
Cathy on 07391405580.
For Blackheath, Ladywell, Lewisham Central and Lee
contact Ulalee on 07391405579
For Rushey Green, Catford South, Grove Park, Downham
and Whitefoot
contact Elizabeth on 07389100984
For Bellingham, Sydenham, Perryvale, Forest Hill and
Crofton Park
contact Paul on 07387100983
Rushey Green Time Bank is looking for some creative content to send to their members who are in self-isolation. They are looking for creative activities and resources that they can collate for their bulletins and possible digital resilience packs. Could you help? This could be a poem, craft activity template, writing and word games, sharing an inspirational quote, useful online resources, or whatever you think would be nice to receive digitally to know you are no alone during this challenging time. Please send
publish-ready content to: info@rgtb.org.uk