Area Data

To deliver services which meet the needs of local people, it is important that we collect information about people’s needs. Some of this we do through discussion with our users, surveys, focus groups and feedback from courses that people attend. We also collect statistics on both the local area and through national reports, to provide a picture of the challenges facing New Cross Gate. The data is very useful in supporting fundraising efforts, both for ourselves and for other local groups.

The following reports provide useful background on the needs and demographics of our local community.

Index of Multiple Deprivation (2015).
IMD telegraph hill 2015

Other data and relevant reports:

useful_datasets provided by the GLA

UN poverty report

Health and mental health

Investigative reports by Health Watch Lewisham

Lewisham’s Public Health Information Portal

The State of Child Health 2017 

Children’s food in England 2018 (Soil Association Report)

NHS overview of child health by area. 

‘Keeping it together‘ report on mental health support by charities

Loneliness – The State We’re In

Five ways to Wellbeing

Air pollution

Trust for London research

Goldsmiths report – air monitoring in New Cross


4in1 report about young people’s experience of Jobcentre services


End Child Poverty-Feeling The Pinch

Difficulties on the introduction of Universal Credit

Data on food bank use

JRF poverty data

Working together to tackle poverty – Lewisham 2017

Trust for London data – poverty profile for Lewisham


Investing in the future (Local Authority Cuts)

Crime data 2018

Changes in violent crime

Violent crime map (London) and police stats

Youth Violence Commission – Vikki Foxcroft

Wider literature resource on violent crime


New Cross Area Framework 2018

London Data Store (contains data on demography, diversity, health, employment, community safety and housing, at borough level). 

Lewisham’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (a wide variety of different reports and data on Lewisham)