ESOL Classes

We offer a range of ESOL Classes (English as a Second or Other Language), delivered from Besson Street Community GardenTo register for our ESOL courses you need to attend an assessment class with our ESOL tutor, who will then place you in a class according to your ability.

Assessment sessions run 3.30-4.30pm on Tuesdays, and 5.00pm-6.00pm on Wednesdays.
Please ring the office for further information on 0207 639 7605 or email 

Our ESOL programme includes (term time): 
Entry level 1, 1.30pm – 3.00pm (Class)
Assessments, 3.30pm-4.30pm
Entry level 3/Level 1, 6.30-8.30pm (Class)

Entry level 2, 1.00-2.30pm
Pre-entry, Group A – 3
.00pm-4.00pm (Class)
Pre-entry, Group B – 4.10-5.00pm (Class)
Assessments 5.00pm-6.00pm
Entry level 3/Level 1, 6.30pm-8.00pm (Class)

Supplementary Reading Group, Entry 1, 1pm.
Supplementary Reading Group, Entry 2, 2pm

Entry level 2 – 11.30am-1.00pm (Class)

Entry level 1, 1.30pm-3.00pm (Class)
Pre-entry, 3.00-4.00pm

Some feedback from our courses: 

“I have learned to read and write…I can write a letter to people about my flat and I can read their letters to me”

“I like it very much now I can speak to my children’s teachers about homework and school trips”

“I have made new friends and I like it when I see my friends in other places, not in class”