Objectives and Impact

The New Cross Gate Trust was set up with the objectives of:

– Supporting local people to develop new skills and to access employment
– Providing high quality opportunities for life-long learning
– Encouraging healthy lifestyles
– Building an understanding and respect for the environment around us
– Building the skills, capacity and resilience within the community and local community groups to tackle the challenges we face.
– Providing and encouraging a community ‘voice’ on issues of concern to the community.

Our vision is that the local community of New Cross Gate should be able to live happy, healthy, stable and fulfilled lives. 

To achieve this, our mission is to support our local community to build social networks, develop self confidence, learn new skills, improve their employment prospects, improve their health and wellbeing, feel safe and supported, and be able to access relevant services according to their needs. We work to achieve this mission through the provision of a diverse range of community services.

Our values are that we will: 
– Show compassion and commitment towards meeting the needs of our local community
– Respect, encourage and empower everyone as individuals
– Embrace creativity and good-humour, with a commitment to excellent quality in the delivery of our services  

Our Impact

We believe that all of our activities in some small way make a difference to the lives of our beneficiaries. Not many of our activities are individually or dramatically life altering, but what they do provide are a series of small steps to help people feel valued, build their self confidence and their social networks, and to benefit from the services and facilities around them to take greater control of their own lives. Through this, we are able to help people take small steps towards improving their employment prospects, their educational achievement, and their health, particularly their mental health.