Community Events

In addition to our regular activities, we also host a variety of family learning based community events from time to time. Our Halloween Hoot is a very popular annual event providing all sorts of fun family activities, arts and crafts, pumpkin carving, saturday second hand market, bonfire, live music and more. Other events happen occasionally through the course of the year. 

Please look out for posters, leaflets in school bags and our regular door-to-door newsletter, for detailed information about any upcoming community events and the activities on offer. Some quotes and photos below from our previous events: 

My kids have had a lot of fun this afternoon, and so have I actually. It’s cost me £2 to come in and a bit money for drinks and cakes, I’ve spent less than fiver for such good family fun. The kids met friends from school, they’ve played games, made lots of amazing things, had their faces painted and there’s still the parade and the bonfire to come. I want to thank everybody for putting on this Halloween party.” Audrey, Camplin Street.

We’ve been running the ‘Creepy Cafe’ for the past three years, We do it to raise funds for New Cross Learning, which is run entirely by volunteers. We’ve made nearly £300 today and we’ve had a right old laugh and met some great people, I love the new addition of the Joy Choir singing scary songs, really made us all laugh, a real good atmosphere
Kath, NXL.

I volunteered with my friend Milly as part of my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze. We got here at 11.30 this morning to set up our stall and we have never stopped working all afternoon, We’ve helped to make hundreds of spiders. We both feel very, very tired but we will do it again next year“. Milly