Governance and policies

If you are interested in the general running of the Trust, this page provides information on our Board of Trustees, Annual Reports, Delivery Plan for the coming year, lettings policies and our governance policies and procedures. For any additional information, please feel free to contact the Trust for further information.

Board of Trustees

The New Cross Gate Trust Board represents a partnership between the local community, community organisations and local service providers. The membership of the Board is set out in our Articles of Association and currently comprises:

ChairHelen Mathie
Helen Mathie, Chair, New Cross Gate Trust Board of Trustees

Company Secretary – Vacancy

Chair of Finance Committee
– Andy Rothery
Andy Rothery, New Cross Gate Trust

Resident Board member – Wendy Braithwaite
Wendy Braithwaite, New Cross Gate Trust

Resident Board member: Matthew Gerry
Matthew Gerry, New Cross Gate Trust

Resident Board member: Cathy Druce

Resident Board member: Jo Walker

Resident Board member: Laura Wirtz

Health Representative – Dr Pamela Martin
Dr Pamela Martin, New Cross Gate Trust

Co-optee – John Lumley 
John Lumley, New Cross Gate Trust

Co-optee – Janet Bygrave
Janet Bygrave, New Cross Gate Trust

Community Organisation RepresentativeImogen Slater
Imogen Slater, New Cross Gate Trust
Education Representative – 
Currently vacant (email us to find out more)

London Borough of Lewisham Representative
Cllr Joan Millbank 


Trustee Recruitment
Resident Board members are recruited from time to time when vacancies arise. Vacancies are advertised on the website, Facebook, and via our regular newsletter which is delivered door-to-door around New Cross Gate, and to local voluntary and community organisations. 
If you would be interested in applying to become a Resident Board member in the future, please contact We particularly welcome applicants from Black, Asian and other minority ethnic backgrounds to enable us to increase our representativeness of the community that we support. 

Annual reports
Our most recent annual report is available here: 2019/20 signed accounts.
Previous annual reports can be found on the Charity Commission website.

Delivery Plan 2020/21
The Trust’s Delivery Plan for 2020/21 can be found here: delivery plan 202021 final. This sets out the work that we aim to achieve over the coming year. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our future plans and ambitions for the Trust.

Lettings Policy
The New Cross Gate Trust funds a significant proportion of its charitable activities and support for other local community groups using income generated from a number of residential and commercial properties. These properties were purchased by Central Government’s New Deal for Communities scheme (2001-2011) and asset transferred to the Trust in 2013 on the understanding that we would use the rental income from the properties to support our charitable objectives. 

In accordance with Charity Commission guidance the purpose of these investments is to yield the best financial return for the Trust. We will comply with this requirement while at the same time ensuring that the businesses that occupy our commercial properties assist us in meeting our charitable objectives. We will encourage tenants that make a positive contribution to the area; aesthetically, economically, and socially. We will not lease our commercial properties to businesses whose activities are contrary to the achievement of these objectives, for example bookmakers or short-term loan companies. For our residential properties, we will be a good landlord, providing a responsive service to our tenants and providing them with secure, well maintained properties, stable tenure and fair rent.

Policies and Learning Agreements
It is important that our users understand how we work, what they can expect from us, and what we expect from them when using our services. This page hosts all of the Trust’s policies which govern how we operate. Please be aware of these policies and procedures when accessing our services. If you have any questions about the policies, you can ask for further details from a member of staff.

Complaints policy NXG trust 2020
Health and safety policy 2020 including lone working
GDPR policy 2017-20
Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy – June 2020
Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy 2020
Equality and Diversity Policy 2020

Recruitment Policy 2020
Staff Code of Conduct 2020
Grievance Policy and Procedure 2020
Disciplinary Policy and Procedure 2020
Absence Policy 2020
Maternity Adoption Paternity Parental Leave Policy 2020
Whistleblowing policy 2020
Appraisal Policy 2020