Telegraph Hill Community Network – Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between members of the Telegraph Hill Community Network (referred to as the TH Community Network).

1. Purpose:

Community groups, voluntary organisations and community-based statutory agencies (collectively named “local groups”) have come together to build their collective capacity to understand and address the needs of the residents and communities of interest living in Telegraph Hill Ward.


The TH Community Network (“the Network”) brings local groups together to:

  • Share information and build intelligence on local community need.
  • Provide peer support and build the capacity of local groups.
  • Facilitate joint initiatives and collaborative working.
  • Deliver neighbourhood and ward-wide community development initiatives.
  • Support joint fund-raising and raising of additional resources.


Any community group, voluntary organisations and statutory agencies operating at a community level within the geographical area known as Telegraph Hill ward can participate in the Network, with the exception of political parties.

Local groups become members of the Network by adding their name and contact details to the mailing list, which is shared amongst all members.

Members are encouraged to attend meetings of the network, which are held not less than 5 times per year.

4.Guiding Principles and Expectations of Members:

This MOU is guided by the aspiration of its members to be mutually supportive and to work more collaboratively for the benefit of the local community.

Trust, openness and honesty will inform the participation of each member group of the Network and the conduct of their representatives in its meetings and activities.

The operations of the Network will be kept simple and straightforward.


The Network will govern itself through its meetings, which are open to all members.

Members may send more than one representative to Network meetings.

Decisions will be reached through discussion and agreement. If necessary, a simple vote of those present may be used to make a decision; in this instance each member group present will have only one vote.

Notes will be taken at each meeting and circulated via the Network mailing list.

6.Roles and Responsibilities of Members:

Members agree to:

  • Share information about their services and activities, which does not breach the rights of the trustees of member organisations or the Data Protection Act. This will including Annual Reports if requested.
  • Be willing to align their policies and practices as required to ensure that any joint initiatives / projects can run smoothly.
  • Declare any conflict of interest in relation to any activity planned by the Network or anything else which could been deemed to be potentially against or undermining of the spirit of the Network.
  • Not make any unilateral decisions by themselves, which commit the Network to any action.
  • Act in good faith at all times and in the best interests of the Network.
  • Members may be asked to accept responsibilities and act as the accountable body for the Network. This may require that member and its governing body to assume responsibilities and liabilities, for which they will be accountable. That member will share information and seek guidance from the Network in the spirit of collaboration, but any exchange will be advisory.

In the event that the member acting as the accountable body is not able to continue then the matter will be brought to the attention of the Network and the Network will take steps to both resolve any implications and identify next steps, including agreeing which member is able to fulfil the accountable body role going forward, if any.

7.Changes to MOU:

This document may be amended at any time by agreement of its members following notice given to all members and discussion at a THCN meeting.

Post script:
From September 2015 Somerville Young People’s project acted as the accountable body for receipt of LBL Grant Aid in respect to the community development grant effective from September 2015 to March 2018. Somerville Young People’s project acted as the employer of the part-time Community Development Worker engaged through receipt of LBL grant aid on a job description agreed by the Network.
Bold Vision is managing an 18 month Lewisham NCIL grant awarded to the THCN in Sept 2022 to engage and deploy a freelance Community Connector

First Version: November 2015
Revised: September 2021
Revised Draft July 2022