Covid Vaccine: It Makes Sense to Me

An opinion article from a local resident.

Welcome to our regular column where a local resident has their say about something on their mind. This month Mrs Miller tells us why she’s getting the vaccine.

I was born here in London in 1957, my mum and dad came over as part of the Windrush generation. They were always keen that all their children were readers, and could think for themselves and listen to reason. I’ve brought my children up the same.

And it’s why I have made my mind up to have the Covid vaccination when I get the chance. Too many people from black and minory ethnic groups have been hit hard by this virus.

Mainly because we are the ones doing the frontline jobs and many have kept up the good old tradition of looking after the older generations by having them living with the younger ones.

The problem is that for many people this means over crowding, too many people living in homes that are too small.

And all that tells me is that we need a lot more, much bigger, and better quality social housing.

I have read and watched lots of stuff on social media telling me why I should not get the vaccine.

Some of it is really scaremongering stuff. It got so bad I asked friends not to send any of the conspiracy stuff to me anymore because I don’t agree with it and I think it’s having a very negative affect on people.

Instead I have been doing my own research reading whatever I can that seriously explains why we should be vaccinated, how the vaccines were developed, what the possible side affects might be, how the vaccine works, and how much protection it gives people.

I have concluded that getting the vaccine is the best way for us all to get back to where we were at the end of 2019.

When my children were small I made sure they had all their vaccinations, I heard the news about MMR leading to autism and it made me nervous but I read the science and I decided to go ahead with that vaccine and now I think if that was good enough for my children getting the Covid vaccine for is good enough for me.

We all have our part to play in getting this disease under control. I will be getting the vaccine.

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