Food and love in the time of Corona

David Hockney, the 83 year old world famous artist, recently released some paintings of Spring to cheer us all up. He also said, ‘the only real things in life are food and love in that order’. He might well be right, so donating
what we can to our local food banks will cover both food and love and in that order.
There are many, many people living in much reduced circumstances
since the onset of the virus. Please, everyone donate what you can to local food banks. None of us know when we might need that food and love
ourselves. Donate to your local food bank:
Lewisham Food Bank
Hope Centre,
118 Malham Road,
Forest Hill SE23 1AN
or their regular drop-off points. They need: Washing tablets or capsules, tinned meat, toilet roll, deodorant for men and women, tinned vegetables,
tinned fruit, rice pudding, shower gel, washing up liquid, coffee, UHT milk, razors, pasta sauce and nappies.
You can also donate to the Lewisham Community Response to Covid-19. The funds raised will go to local food banks and voluntary sector organisations to help those in most need in our community.
Donate at: