Stay and play sessions

We have one further ‘all day’ session running next week on Tuesday 30 June – this session is now fully booked.

However, from the following week (Monday 6 July), given the change in social distancing regulations from the government, we will be increasing our sessions to revert to our usual times (Monday am, Tuesday am, Wednesday pm) for the final two weeks of term.

Sessions will still be ticketed, but we will be increasing the number of tickets available to 8 families per session. Sessions can be booked from our Eventbrite site, and will be released one week in advance.

A ‘family group’ can be made up of one adult (including child-minders) and up to three children. We appreciate that these groups may involve some school-age children who are not yet back at school, therefore we ask all adults to take full responsibility for all the children in their care during Stay and Play.

We are asking all Centre users to use our hand sanitizer when entering the garden and periodically throughout your stay. There will be hand sanitizer dispensers outside each room and on the covered stage in the garden.

There will be cloth masks or visors that you are welcome to use while in the garden. They will be carefully and thoroughly sanitised after each use. All play equipment and materials will be thoroughly cleaned at the start of the day and at the end of each play session.

Should you be unable to attend a pre-booked Stay and Play session we ask you to call Mina to cancel as soon as possible to give some other family the opportunity.

Term will finish on Wednesday 15 July. We hope that when we return in September normal services will have resumed.

We look forward to seeing your smiling faces. Thank you for your patience and understanding.