Corals’ Planning Application – what can we do now?

On 30th August there was a community meeting at New Cross Learning to discuss the planning application that Corals have submitted to change Barclays Bank into a betting shop. Cllrs Paul Bell and Brenda Dacres were present at the meeting, as well as the planning officer and representatives from Corals. Attendees voiced a wide range of objections to this proposal including the impact on antisocial behaviour in the local area, the exploitation of more vulnerable members of the community, and the visual impact on a key building of local historical interest.
The planning officer confirmed that there have been at least 50 objections submitted, and that this will therefore go to a planning committee (date still to be set, but this is likely to be in October). 

Three of our local councillors have already objected to this planning application. However, this means that they have no vote at the pending planning committee meeting. It is therefore vital that we let all those councillors who are likely to decide this application know how opposed the community is to letting a betting shop take over what is a flagship building for the local area. 
If you feel strongly about this pending planning application, please let your objections be heard by writing to the councillors who may have a role in deciding this application. We do not yet know which planning committee will hear this application, therefore it is important that you contact ALL the relevant councillors via these email addresses: 

Planning Committee A,,,,,,

Planning Committee B (Chair) (Vice-Chair),,,, 

Planning Committee C (Chair) (Vice-Chair),,,,,,