Knife Crime Awareness Campaign for New Cross Area

Since we covered the tragic death of Myron Isaac-Yarde back in April there have been several other stabbings in the area, with at least one other being fatal. The level of anxiety and worry for young people, parents and families fearing the same fate for young people they know and love is huge. This week several community groups and organisations got together to discuss what can be done to raise awareness about knife crime and build confidence and self esteem among boys and youth in the area. Representatives from Somerville Adventure Playground, New Cross Learning, Queens Road Surgery, Ubuntu Social Living Network and NXG Trust decided to raise funds for an ongoing knife crime awareness campaign that will include: an exhibition that can move around the area placed in public spaces to inform and educate  people about knife crime and how to avoid it; short term and ongoing workshops for young people and their families as well as positive activities for young people to get involved locally. The group is concerned to work both in and with schools as well as community organisations where youth and family are involved. 

Raising funds in a climate of cuts to services is not going to be easy but there is a firm determination that this initiative has to be an ongoing campaign that will have impact among young people and families in New Cross and the surrounding area. 

The next meeting is Tuesday 1 November. If you are from an organisation or local group with an interest in this initiative, please contact to fund out more details of the next meeting. If you would like to donate to this initiative, please visit our fundraising page at: